Massage in Brighton



Deep Tissue massage

Deep Tissue massage is applied using forearms, knuckles and elbows creating deep pressure with long strokes to stretch and loosen shortened and tight muscles.


60min £55

90min £80


Sports/Remedial massage

Sports/Remedial massage therapy uses a wide range of advanced techniques to target specific injured or painful problem areas. 15min postural assessment is carried out within your first treatment to identify any issues with posture.


60min £55

90min £80


Swedish massage

Gentle and deeply relaxing full body massage. Perfect for releasing stress and mild tension. Great for those who are yet to experience their first massage treatment.


60min £55

90min £80


Hot Stone massage

This luxurious treatment uses massage and heated basalt stones to relieve tension and detox the body. A comforting and relaxing experience.


60min £60

90min £85



Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is a wonderful way to de-stress, relax and nurture your body as well as your baby within. It soothes away the discomfort you may be experiencing as the pregnancy progresses.


                    60min £55


Table Thai Massage

Table Thai Massage is an adaptation of the Traditional Thai Yoga Massage and is performed on the massage table. It combines variety of stretching movements applied slowly in patterns of gentle rocking, joint mobilisation and muscle compression. During the treatment client is fully clothed and no oil is used.

Anyone who enjoys deeper pressure and good stretches will love this treatment! Wonderfully energising and uplifting treatment.

                    60min £55

Indian Head Massage

Ideal for neck, head and shoulder tension. Massage of the neck, shoulders, scalp and face comforts and soothes producing sense of tranquility.


30min £30

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