Reproductive Reflexology Brighton

A Holistic approach to infertility. Trying to conceive can be emotionally demanding, especially when, after months of trying, pregnancy hasn't started. 
Reproductive Reflexology or fertility reflexology can help both those trying to conceive naturally and those going through IVF/ICSI/IUI.

There is evidence to suggest that Fertility Reflexology can have a positive impact on fertility. One of the most recent studies is a data collection carried out by the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists. By following a prescriptive reflexology protocol, 122 out of 180 case studies fell pregnant. Case studies included both natural and assisted conceptions.

I have witnessed the same with a number of my clients who have fallen pregnant within months, sometimes after a couple of years of trying.  My clients have also reported more balanced hormones, feeling of being in control, and having a more positive outlook in general.

 ~Fertility Reflexology testimonials~

"I was lucky enough to find Outi through a recommendation from a colleague.
I felt completely at ease with her from the beginning of the ivf cycle to the end. I am happy to say that I fell pregnant with twins and I strongly believe it wouldn't have been possible without Outi. Thank you for my two little miracles. XX"

"I came to see this wonderful lady as I was starting on my ivf journey, from the moment I met her I felt at ease and felt a connection. After a long chat we came up with a plan of what was best for each part of my journey, my first challenge came and with her help we smashed it with flying colours then we continued on the journey and I'm pleased to say (still early days) but my story ended with a happy ending and I am so grateful from the bottom of my heart. X "

"I was recommended Outi on Facebook by a friend who had seen her post. I was in all honesty a little sceptical as never tries anything like this before. After my first session I felt very educated about the reproductive system and reflexology. As I was currently under the hospital for investigation as I had been told I had adhesions to my ovaries that will affect my chances of falling naturally and surgery would be the only option to try and move ovaries...I didn't really think anything else could help.
However Outi recommended to start taking evening primrose oil which I did and also started taking folic acid again as hadn't been for few months. I was seeing Outi weekly and also doing my own self exercises which Outi had advised me to do...on my 4th session, Outi had suggested to do a pregnancy test as I hadn't come on (although late cycles were apparent!) As my temperature was still high....I waited a few days and got my first positive test!!! After 2.5 years trying and to be told it's likely won't be able to conceive naturally I had fallen pregnant!!! I am convinced it has something to do with the treatment I had received from Outi and her magical hands!!! She is very calming and professional. Would highly recommend her and this treatment and look forward to other treatments through out my pregnancy. I can't thank you enough for this. :)"

"When Outi started her reflexology training I signed up as her guinea pig. I was 35, I've got PCOS and very irregular cycle, so conceiving isn't easy and I wasn't expecting much. Outi was very thorough and professional, and I only had three sessions with her when I fell pregnant! I would absolutely recommend it to anyone!"

How can it help?

When trying to conceive, the focus will be on hormonal balancing and functioning of the reproductive system as well as promoting a sense of relaxation. Reflexology stimulates the body's own healing mechanisms and improves circulation to reproductive organs.
We will also be looking at lifestyle factors, nutrition, and general fertility awareness to optimise your chances of pregnancy.

What is included?


Tailor-made plan to increase your chances for a healthy pregnancy

Advice on ovulation tracking

Lifestyle advice

Supplement recommendations

Stress management techniques

Reproductive Reflexology

Advice on self-stimulation of the reflex points

Fertility Visualisations

45min treatment £45

60min treatment £55

A course of 4 treatments £172 (45 min treatments)

(T&C: Please note, treatment course fees are non-refundable once treatments have been started)

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