Why should I have a regular massage?

In my first ever blog post I am going to tell you about benefits of having a massage regularly.

Most people agree that massage makes them feel good, but they still have questions in their mind when it comes to booking regularly: "Do I really need it? Can I afford it? Should I spend that money on something else?"

When I ask my clients whether or not they would like to book their next appointment, they often ask me what are the actual benefits of coming to see me once a week, every fortnightly or once a month.

People see massage as a luxury item they cannot justify the costs on a regular basis. That's why it is important to know why massage should be part of everyone's' wellness plan.

8 Benefits of regular massage;

*Increases circulation, which is good for muscle recovery and healing of the tissue, especially if you exercise regularly.

*Improves posture as the muscles around the spine and all over the body become more flexible.

*Reduces anxiety and mild depression by decreasing stress hormone levels in the body, and by prompting release of endorphins.

*Increases joint mobility

*Supports immune system by stimulating lymphatic flow

*Manages chronic pain and can even reduce need of painkillers

*Promotes better sleep by increasing delta waves in the brain, which are connected to deeper, more restful sleep

*Improves digestion, and can relieve bloating, constipation and help with symptoms of IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome)

Next time when you are thinking about booking a massage, remember that it is much more than just a pamper session, you are investing that hard earned money in your own health and well-being.

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