Mindful Massage: The Ultimate Stress Buster?

As I will be qualifying in mindfulness and meditation teaching this Autumn, I felt it would be appropriate to write about something called Mindful Massage. This treatment offers benefits of massage and mindfulness meditation simultaneously. Sounds amazing, doesn't it!

But why are they so exceptionally good together? While we live busy lives, full of stimulation and distractions, it can sometimes be hard to stop. Meditation can be a struggle when the mind wanders and we are more aware of tomorrow's shopping list than our breathing.

Thankfully there's something that can help those who just can't seem to find a way to zone out: bodywork combined with deep relaxation techniques.

Through gentle guided breathing techniques and body scans, a therapist will lead you into a deep relaxation and you will become more aware of sensations in your body. A therapist will be 100% present and focused on you and every single move she makes.

When you combine these two stress fighting techniques, you won't only feel completely de-stressed, but you will also experience the benefits that mindfulness offers - which helps you to cope better with stress in the future.

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