Why should you drink your water warm?

It's day two of my 5 weeks (processed) sugar-free challenge. I stayed awake late last night making homemade granola from oats, maple syrup, coconut oil, raisins, nuts and coconut flakes (it was super easy to make). I also made some yummy snacks to take with me to work. When I am at work I often end up snacking, so I wanted to be fully prepared.

To fuel my body this morning (I normally am a breakfast skipper) I tried some of the granola I made last night and drank warm lemon water. I am not really enjoying the taste of a lemon water, but I did it because it does have a plenty of health benefits including providing antioxidants, reducing sweet cravings and aiding digestion. And as an extra benefit for those looking for ways to boost their fertility, it does increase the quality and the quantity of the cervical mucus. (TMI, sorry)

What is VERY important with a lemon water, is to drink it warm. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, cold water can shock the digestive system and weaken the digestive functions. So always, always, ALWAYS drink it warm!

After healthier than normal start for the day, I am off to work to do what I love; that is helping my wonderful clients with massage and reflexology. I will be back soon.


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