When a needlephobic Holistic Therapist sees an Acupuncturist

Today's blog post is going to be a bit different to my normal posts. I am going to tell about my very first visit to an acupuncturist. I finally did it!

It had been on my "to do"-list for a while, but I do have to admit, that idea of being pricked by needles all over wasn't too tempting. I used to hate needles in my childhood and a blood test would cause me to go dizzy and nauseous. Why on earth would I pay someone to use needles on me?

However, after suffering from some health problems recently, I decided that now is the time to get my "Qi" flowing again and booked an appointment from a local acupuncture clinic.

When I arrived to the clinic I have to say that my hands felt a bit sweaty and my heart was beating faster than normal. Silly, I know!

Soon I sat on a chair in a small treatment room, decorated with a map of meridians, salt lamp, some Chinese objects and a treatment couch. Acupuncturist did a thorough consultation and explained which meridians she would be concentrating on and what could possibly be going on in my body according to Chinese Medicine. Everything she said made perfect sense to me and the knowledge she had made me feel less uneasy.

Last part of the consultation was to stick my tongue out. I didn't have a clue how much information our tongues hold, but it was fascinating.

A moment after I was comfortably laying on a treatment couch covered with a towel. I wasn't feeling half as nervous anymore. I was constantly explained what was going to happen next and that made a great difference. The first needle felt like a pin prick on my foot and it made me jump a little bit. Next one was less painful and soon I barely noticed the needles she put through my skin. In total there must have been 10-12 needles.

Couple of points on my feet felt achy, but it was a very mild sensation.

Overall my body felt heavy and warm. Half way through I started feeling tired. I could have easily drifted off to sleep, but soon my acupuncturist came to tell me it was time to take the needles off.

I felt a little bit dizzy afterwards, but mainly just calm and tired. I was encouraged to drink water and I also was advised to come back in a couple of weeks time.

What do I think about the experience now? Whole treatment was fascinating. I love Chinese Medicine and I am a true believer of Meridian system. With the problem I have, acupuncture is probably one of the best treatment options for me.

It's not the most relaxing treatment I have had and I can't feel/see any instant changes, but as with anything, it is probably going to take few treatments to start seeing the difference.

I will be going back and I most certainly am not afraid of the acupuncture needles anymore!

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