Little known ways to detox this New Year

It's New Year and for many of us, time to cleanse, detox or whatever you want to call it, both body and mind after overindulgence during the festive season. But which are the most effective ways to beat the bloat and the post-christmas blues?


Drink water, plenty of it! Water assists kidneys to flush out waste products, improves digestion, helps with headaches and boosts your energy levels.


Gets your heart rate up and improves circulation, promotes healthy digestion and increases the release of the endorphins (makes you feel happy).

Essential oils

Add a few drops of lemon essential oils in to your diffuser to benefit from its refreshing and immunity boosting properties. This essential oil is guaranteed to lift your mood and to make you feel invigorated.

Cut down caffeine, alcohol and refined sugars

Well, this is pretty clear when it comes to detox and cleanse. Lifts your mood, helps with weight loss and improves sleep quality. Makes the liver's cleansing job easier.

Lymphatic drainage

This gentle massage technique can boost immunity, helps to eliminate waste products via lymphatic system, reduces bloating and swelling and decreases fatigue.


Reduces stress and anxiety, helps to de-clutter the mind, makes it easier to stick to new, clean and healthier habits.


Stimulates internal organs, can help to boost metabolism, assists liver, kidneys and intestines to process waste. Balances mind and makes you feel incredibly relaxed.

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