7 Ways To Healthier Autumn

Autumn- time to unpack your jumpers, enjoy the candle lit evenings, and prepare for the

cooler temperatures.

Cold weather prep also means taking better care of yourself and your family.

1. Important Immune-Boosters

Stock up on immune health essentials now. Antioxidant vitamin C is one of the most important immune system boosters of all. Vitamin B6 is vital to supporting biochemical reactions in the immune system. Vitamin E helps the body fight off infection. Also Zinc and Echinacea can help you to beat the bugs. At least 70% of your immune system is in your gut, so remember to reinforce digestive health with Probiotics.

2. Embrace the Autumn Flavours

Eat highly nutritious seasonal produce like squash, apples, beets and kale. Autumn is also a perfect time to try healthy soup recipes with spices like turmeric, cinnamon and ginger.

3. Change your Exercise Habits with the Season

If joining a gym isn’t for you, try online workouts in the warmth of your own home. Find ways to move more each day, walk, cycle and wrap up warm.

4. Adapt Your Skin Routine

Is your skin looking dull during the cooler months? Daily skin exfoliation and moisturising are now the first things on your skin care list.

Also, hyaluronic acid can make a huge impact by attracting moisture to your skin. Also try rose hip oil which has fabulous anti-aging benefits. Collagen drinks can boost skin elasticity and give your complexion a boost.

5. Hydrate

Staying hydrated is as important now as it was during the summer. Your body needs water, all year long!

6. Think about healthy foods

Tune in to your daily nutritional needs, including calories and protein intake and portion size, so healthy eating becomes familiar. Think about whole foods and good quality Multivitamins to fill in any nutritional gaps.

7. Beat the tiredness

The autumn clock change combined with shorter days means it gets dark early and leaves many of us feeling super tired. That’s because when the sun goes down and it is darker, our bodies are triggered to produce melatonin which regulates sleep-wake cycle. Consider switching out your lights to an option that gives you natural, balanced light indoors. And don’t forget vitamin D supplements. The lack of sun leaves you more likely to be low in vitamin D, which can also contribute to feelings of fatigue.

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