Dropping the white stuff...

For the next 5 weeks, I'll be practicing what I breach. No alcohol, no processed sugars.

In fact, only naturally occurring sugars, such as sugar in fruits, honey and maple syrup are allowed.

It certainly is going to be a challenge as I love my daily sweet treats. Goodbye Haribo, doughnuts and danish pastries. I will be missing you.

I can't see myself on a strict diet forever, but hopefully 5 weeks is enough to stop my daily sugar bingeing for good. Perhaps following a cookbook will also improve my cooking skills, as I am not exactly Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen.

So, what did I eat today? My breakfast was a bit boring:

oat porridge with a little bit of maple syrup, a banana as a snack, warm quinoa, avocado and broad bean salad for a lunch and some spinach salmon with dill potatoes for a dinner. The first day is done, another 35 days to go. And I already crave for a Victoria sponge cake!

Any ideas on how to stick to a new diet are more than welcome.

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